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Pen Series

SKY Pen Seires laser pointers uses only the highest grade laser diodes, custom driver circuitry, and glass optics that are properly coated to reduce power loss. Usually the laser pointers are not for burning. Instead, we have optimized them for use as a pointing device, something durable enough for daily use.

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  1. SKY 5mW-80mW 405nm Violet-Blue Laser Pointer Pen (Black/White)
  2. SKY 5mW-80mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen (Black/White)
  3. CLEARANCE - SKY 150mW 980nm Infrared Laser Pointer Pen (Black)

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    Special Price $69.99

  4. SKY 1mW-80mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Pen (Black/White)
  5. SKY 5mW-400mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer Pen (Black/White)

5 Item(s)

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